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Hey, if CDs are getting to be a drag, be sure to look for me on your favorite digital music website... I can be found on iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, Amazon, Mp3, etc. Here are the iTunes links for 4 of my CDs, including the newest one, "Swing! Swang! Swung! Live with the Reno Jazz Orchestra".  You can choose to buy the whole CD download for less than the physical copy, or buy individual songs for 99cents each! The albums on Itunes can be found here:


"SWING! SWANG! SWUNG!" (Just released 10-10-10) at iTunes Store


"NO MORE BLUES" (my first CD) at iTunes Store 


"BY REQUEST" (SOLD OUT - currently only available digitally) at iTunes Store




Please have a look and a listen, and feel free to write a review! If you don't have iTunes, here is a link to their FREE download site: iTunes  

Thanks for listening!

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