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Now accepting new students in the Reno, NV & San Francisco areas.

Discover your strongest, healthiest, most expressive voice!

Strengthen, expand, & increase the power, range, breath, breadth, & emotion of your song!

Hi! I'm Cami. I've been singing professionally for over 40 years, all across the Western US (plus a few extra states) and around the world, mostly as a respected jazz singer, but also in musicals, shows, rock and R&B bands, and recording. I am a trained classical singer who prefers to sing more freely, and I'm also a musician (piano/percussion), songwriter, composer, arranger, bandleader, and vocal/music director for local theaters in Reno. Along the way I've been teaching and coaching singers and actors for over 40 years, and can help you prepare for auditions, shows, musicals, public speaking, concerts, club dates, and personal and professional goals. My focus is on breath work, understanding the mechanics of the voice, speech-level technique, vocal health, interpretation and presentation, clearing mental/emotional blocks, and performer wellness. I also coach acting, personal stylization, and jazz improvisation, and can instruct in basic musical knowledge like sight reading, piano, transcription, and songwriting.  

Here is the general outline of my teaching style and intention:

* Develop correct, powerful BREATHING from the core of your diaphragm

* Understand the FOUR MECHANICS of the Human Voice

* Increase your vocal RANGE, DYNAMICS and CONTROL

* Improve the QUALITY, TONE AND EXPRESSION of your voice

* Learn techniques to REDUCE STRESS AND FEAR onstage, at auditions, in school

* Look at past experiences than have been negatively affecting your self-expression and let them go!

* Discover your OWN UNIQUE SOUND and make it more musical

* Get ADVICE AND KNOW-HOW on the opportunities in the MUSIC BUSINESS

* Learn MICROPHONE TECHNIQUES for studio work and live performance

* Learn to re-acquaint yourself with your ARTISTIC CREATIVE SELF!

* Gain CONFIDENCE in all that you do — singing, speaking, living!


* Get help, SONGWRITERS, with your writing and compositions

* Learn how to create PROFESSIONAL MUSIC BOOKS for band, choir, lyrics, shows


CAMI THOMPSON is a professional singer, actor, songwriter, composer, arranger, teacher, director, band leader, recording artist and producer with over 40 years of professional experience on stage in concert halls, theaters, jazz clubs, cabarets, nightclubs, and schools around the world. She has performed at hundreds of jazz festivals across the USA and Europe, has had lead roles in over 60 musicals, and been a vocal and music director for the past 18 years. She is a gifted and trained vocalist and musician in jazz, rock, pop, soul, theatrical, and Broadway music, and has successfully taught hundreds of students privately and in clinics for over 40 years throughout the western US and Europe.


Introductory Session: 90-100 minutes - $80

After that, lessons are usually 60-65 minutes, $60 each.

I accept cash, checks, credit cards, and Venmo.

However there is a small fee for credit cards, as Paypal transactions charge 6%, which we split 3% / 3%.

So for intro lessons ($80) and regular lessons ($60), there is an additional $2 fee.


 This is a good way to keep you motivated to practice, and provide you with some savings. Another benefit if you buy a package - there is no penalty if you need to cancel your lesson up to 2 hours before your session, as it is already paid for. And it’s easier to manage your payments – no need to worry if you forget to bring your payment. 

5 one-hour lessons package $285 ($57 per lesson = save $15)          

These 5 sessions take you through the 5 important systems of singing: The 4 Mechanics (Breath Support, Connection, Resonance, Articulation) and Intention. 

10 one-hour lessons package$550 ($55 per lesson = save $50.00)     

A more intensified program of the 5 systems, developing more skills.  This rate is the lowest in the area, and meant to encourage you to learn how to sing better.

15 one-hour lessons package$799 2023 SPECIAL ($53.26 per lesson = save $101.00)  

This is a great program for fast-tracking for singers, actors, and speakers who are working toward professional goals. Gain knowledge, mastery, control, beauty, connection, and freedom with your vocal instrument in less than a year.

FYI - I highly recommend you paying for package plans with cash or check to receive the full discount value. Otherwise I will have to charge you 5% of the 6% fee that PayPal charges me... 


PayPal Fees charged for Package lessons (I cover 1% of it, you pay 5%)

* 5-pack: $285 + $14 ($299 total = basically no savings off $300 for 5 regular lessons)

* 10-pack: $550 + $27 ($577 total = save $23 off 10 regular lessons)

* 15-pack: $799 + $40 ($839 = saves $61 off 15 regular lessons)

So paying with check and cash are the best deal.

However, if you can only use a credit card to purchase a package deal, you still receive the benefits of this: that there is no penalty if you need to cancel your lesson up to 2 hours before your session, as it is already paid for. And it’s easier to manage your payments – no need to worry if you forget to bring your wallet! 


* GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE  - make a great Birthday or holiday gift!


Email  cami {at} CamiThompson.com  

or CALL  [77 5] 8 three 0 - 22 six 4

(written this way to thwart scammers)


RENO, NEVADA: Lessons take place in a private home studio in SW Reno. 

Reno Vocal Studio


RECORDINGS/PRACTICE: Cami encourages students to record the lessons and practice daily to develop powerful breath control and vocal strength. Students are welcome to record the lesson with their own device, or Cami will record the lesson on iPod, and then transfer the session to the computer and burn a CD or download to your own USB drive.



Email  CAMI {at} camithompson.com  

or CALL  [77 5] 8 three zero - 22 six 4

(written this way to thwart scammers!)



In her very affordable private lessons and clinics, Cami first gets to know you - your desires, goals, needs, strengths and weaknesses, past experiences, and challenges. Then you will sing a short song for her to evaluate HOW you sing (not how well or how bad, just HOW you use your voice.) Then the lesson starts - guiding the student through an understanding of the mechanics of the human voice, then some relaxation and stretching techniques to calm, connect, relax and energize the body. Then she teaches proper breathing exercises and techniques for a powerful, supported and healthy sound. Finally she shares her vocal techniques and singing exercises that have helped to create Cami's own powerful, dynamic, and sustainable voice - a system of (constantly expanding) information that has helped hundreds of students create a strong, healthy voice they love, and love to share!

Special lessons can be designed for the student's specific needs: confidence, control, power, jazz stylization (scatting, phrasing, song selections), Musical theatre auditions and shows, TV show auditions, college applications, weddings, family events, personal growth, spiritual awareness - no dream is too small or too big!... Cami wants you to LIVE BETTER and SING!


Camis grew up in a musical family, and started performing at an early age (as a toddler!) This fun "play toy" soon became a passion, and she took piano and music lessons, got involved in church plays and choirs, and local theater.  By the age of 17, Cami's musical skills and vocal quality got her a spot as the youngest member of the renowned Nevada Opera Company, under the direction of Maestro Ted Puffer. Attending Colorado College, University of Nevada-Reno, and the University of London, Cami studied music, theater, and classical voice for over 10 years with various teachers, as well as jazz/pop voice, musical theater, keyboards, percussion, theory, arranging, and recording engineering, while performing professionally with leading roles in Northern Nevada casino's stage shows, concerts, operas and musical theater productions, as well as playing keyboards and singing in rock, pop, Top 40 and funk/soul bands!

At the age of 21, under the stress of working professionally in so many areas of music while attending college full time and working a day job.... Cami developed vocal nodes, and in 1982 underwent the newly -developed laser surgery to remove them. (The process and recovery are both much easier today!) Through careful and patient speech and vocal therapy, Miss Thompson fully recovered her voice, and gained a greater respect for the vocal process, as well as a greater understanding of how to handle the stress of performing in public, the responsibility of staying healthy, the use of her powerful voice, and the need to practice and use proper techniques in all styles of singing. Cami can be an excellent teacher for singers in crisis, as well as anyone with a true desire to sing - and do it better!

Miss Thompson has been a music and vocal director for many main-stage production shows and theater companies, as well as director of dozens of her own productions with Cami Thompson Music Company. She sang for three years with the prestigious, twice Grammy-nominated, 12-voice a cappella group, the L.A. Jazz Choir. She has been an opening act for dozens of performers, including The Manhattan Transfer, Nancy Wilson, Dianne Reeves, George Shearing, Jon Hendricks, Lou Rawls, and many others. She has music and/or vocal directed for several large stage productions, variety shows, choirs, and musicals, including "Working", "Little Shop of Horrors", "Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum", "Mr. Burns - a Post-Electric Play", "Full Monty", and has written, arranged and recorded original music for several plays and theatrical productions. She has been the lead in over 60 musicals and operas, including Mrs. Lovett (Sweeney Todd - 3 times!), Jeannette (Full Monty), Fairy Godmother (Cinderella), Joanne (Company), Muzzy (Thoroughly Modern Millie), Miss Hannigan (Annie), Miss Mona (Best Little Whorehouse - 3 times!), Kate (Girl Crazy), Annie Oakley (Annie Get Your Gun), Agnes Gooch and Mame (Mame), Sally Durant (Follies), The Witch (Hansel and Gretel with Nevada Opera), Old Lady (Candide), Mary Magdalene (JC Superstar). She has toured in two 2-month long USO/DOD tours to Asia, and across the US and Europe at hundreds of jazz festivals, corporate and private events, concerts and clubs - from symphonies and big bands to small jazz ensembles, as well as with her own groups.

Cami has released 6 albums under her own name, and had guest appearances on may others. Check out her LISTEN AND WATCH page.

Studying with Cami will help you find your voice, understand how it works, learn to control your breath (the foundation of vocal production), and teach yourself to support your wondrous self! With a lifetime of unique experiences, stories, adventures, successes, failures, good fortune, heartbreaks, joy, patience and tenacity - Cami can be a great guide for wherever you wish your journey to take you.

Contact her through email or phone!


Email  CAMI(AT)camithompson.com  

or CALL  [775] 8 three zero - 22 six 4

(written this way to thwart scammers!)


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