From the recording Rhythm in My Nursery Rhyme



Fishing’s not the reason I don’t wanna go to school
Swimming holes don’t bother me ‘cause I’m no swimming fool
My teacher thinks I’m stupid, but I know that she’s wrong
‘Cause if she taught me my way – it wouldn’t take me long…
I could learn my ABC's, Bring home A's instead of D's
And my Mom and Dad I'd please if I had rhythm in my nursery rhyme

In the corner on a stool I sat 'cause I broke a rule
But I'd show them that I'm no fool If I had rhythm in my nursery rhyme

Tra-la-la-la-la won't get me far -- Lately I've been thinkin'
If I had a little bit of rhythm, I'd could be a Washington or a Lincoln

Simple Simon at the fair Met a Pie man who was there
About those two guys I don't care
‘Cause I need rhythm in my nursery rhyme
Jack and Jill went up the hill – hoping not to take a spill
But ya know Jack and Jill could have found a thrill if they had
Rhythm in their nursery rhyme

Oh, Mary had a little lamb – I heard they got into quite a jam
I told Mary and that lamb to scram,
‘cause I need rhythm in my nursery rhyme

I got no use for Mother Goose – that ol’ Girl don’t mean a thing
I’d rather hang with Old King Cole ‘cause he made his fiddler swing

Lullabies were all OK, when my Mama sang ‘em in her day
But I'd rather hear them in a swingin’ way
‘Cause I need rhythm in my nursery, rhythm in my nursery,
Rhythm in my nursery rhymes – boo dah beep!