Hi Friends! I just felt like making a webstie design change - kinda rich and cool for the coming change of season from Spring to Summer. And since I have made a few changes in my life, I thought it appropriate... I am now an officially MARRIED WOMAN! Yep, me - married! After our exciting whirl-wind engagement (of 11 YEARS !!! ) Scott Lenau, my wonderful "kitchen mechanic", married me on Feb. 23 -- our anniversary --during our Hawaiian vacation. Well, it was more of an elopement - it only took 3 days to plan and complete! Four friends were there, and an old musician friend of mine performed the ceremony - jazz pianist Sal Godinez. So as the world turns, and the days get warmer, and children's laughter gets louder, and our hopes for peace get stronger -- I enjoy looking at this gold ring on my finger and thinking, "Oh yeah, I'd better do the laundry!" Peace, Cami

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