"THE VOICE"=Whitney Meyer, my wonderful student

Well, the TV world finally got to see a glimpse of this wonderful hummingbird of joyful noise Whitney Meyer, who has been my voice student for over a year in Reno. Her audition performance for the judges of the TV show "The Voice" aired last night (Feb. 27, 2012) on national television. And she KICKED ASS!! All 4 judges chose her and turned around - some very early on. If you don't know this show, 4 celebrity judges listen blindly (their backs to the stage) to dozens of singers, deciding who they like by hitting a button that turns their seat around so they can see them, in order to build a team of 12 great singers each who will compete with each other and each of 4 teams over the course of the season. Many singers, though they make it through the audition process with many various show producers and executives, do not even get one judge to turn around. So for Whitney to get all 4 to hit their buttons - Adam doing it after listening for only about 20 seconds of her 90 second audition - is a rare and wonderful thing.

Where she goes from here on The Voice is left to the fickle finger of Fate of the Media Kingdom. But where her career takes her... and where she chooses to take it - well, that is something I am looking forward to witnessing.

I love you Whitney, and I am so very very proud of you.