Cami is taking new students!

Cami can help you discover your strongest, healthiest and most expressive voice! And yes, you CAN afford it! * Develop correct, powerful BREATHING * Increase vocal RANGE and CONTROL * Improve QUALITY and tone of voice * Discover your OWN UNIQUE SOUND * Find your "personal power" in a song * Get advice on the variety of opportunities in the music business * Learn techniques for reducing stress onstage, at auditions, in school * Become more CONFIDENT in all that you do - singing, speaking, living - by gaining self-awareness, self- expression and self-esteem In her lessons and clinics, Cami first guides the student through relaxation and stretching techniques to calm, connect and energize the body. Then she teaches proper breathing for the most powerful and healthy sound. Finally she shares her vocal techniques and singing exercises that have helped hundreds of students create a strong, clear, expressive voice they love, and love to share! Cami can help you prepare for auditions, shows, goals, and can coach in improvisation, interpretation and presentation. Cami is currently teaching private lessons in Reno and the Bay Area, and is available for clinics and group classes as well. "Cami is dynamic, knowledgeable: her vocal jazz expertise is second to none. Her ideas and direction are clear and easy to grasp, and she is one of the few who really understands scat syllables and vocal improvisation." .... Peggy Vax, President, No. Calif. Unit, International Association of Jazz Educators (I.A J.E.) "Cami has given 2 clinics for my musical theater students - the improvement was great! The kids LOVE her, they still practice her exercises before rehearsals, and they can't wait for her to come back!" ....Sabrina Cellucci, Drama teacher, Reno High School "I've asked Cami to return again this year to give another clinic to my Jazz Choir. She works with their interpretation of songs as well as their solos, and helps give the choir sound a better blend. Well worth the money! They love to talk about her business experience, too!" ....David Robinson, Vocal Jazz Director, El Camino High, Sacramento