From the recording Caught a Touch of Your Love

This is a track from my newest CD with the Reno Jazz Orchestra, a 17-piece big band concert recorded live in Reno in Feb 2006 for a charity event.


CAUGHT A TOUCH OF YOUR LOVE I'm not feeling like I usually do I think it might have something To do with you Every time you're near me My body gets hot Don't need a doctor I know what I've got (CHORUS) I Caught a touch of your love It came on overnight I must have held you too tight... Last night and Caught a touch of your love Your affection has affected me I'm feeling kind of dizzy And weak in the knees I've been in love before But never so bad You're in my system And it's driving me mad (CHORUS) (Bridge) The feel from your kisses Tears me apart It starts from your lips And goes straight to my heart No use pretending 'Cause baby, I'm sure There's no cure And I've just gotta have more ... (instrumental) (repeat bridge) (repeat chorus) I Caught a touch of your love I Caught a touch of your love