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Cami Thompson: LISTEN TO MUSIC

I Just Want To Be Loved By You - original

(Cami Thompson)
June 9, 1996
Music & Lyrics by Cami Thompson
sometimes love is just this simple

When I was very young, My heart was filled with wonder
By the wild imaginations of my mind
One day I'd be the President, the next a millionaire
A princess, a pirate, a pilot in the air
Ev'ry day was a new adventure,
a thrill I couldn't live without
But little girl dreams - are not what a woman needs
and now my heart fills with desire for simpler things
I don't want castles in the sky
Or hopes to make me high
I just want to be loved by you

I don't want silver-lining clouds
Or endless cheering crowds
I just want to be loved by you

I don't need fairy tales
Or ever-billowed sails
Or rose-colored glasses to see
I don't need charms of gold---I just need two arms to hold me

I don't want a shiny-armored knight
Nor a fantasy in flight
These childhood dreams could never come true
I don't need promises in sand
Or a ring upon my hand
I just want to be loved by