Hi Friends, Just a friendly note to remind you to vote November 7th, or before. Early elections are available in most areas. Having just returned from singing in Europe last week, I am reminded of the millions of people over the past several hundred years who have died fighting for their right to have a voice in their own country, or protecting that right. We are lucky here to HAVE this voice, and yet barely 30% of us use it! If you only knew how many people today WISH they could share our freedom.... But that freedom is diminishing with each person who refuses to speak up and speak out. As a vocal teacher I help people find their voice, but I can't help if they don't wish to be heard. PLEASE choose to use your vote as your voice for CHOICE. (Wow, how poetic!) WE really CAN make a difference. Hope is always over on the horizon, until you open your arms to it and embrace it - then you OWN it. Don't be one of those who opens their eyes November 8th and says, "Oh, if only I had voted." SO SHOW UP -- GET OUT AND VOTE!

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