Ok - just a few thoughts about some of my favorite Olympic athletes so far... Seth Wescott is adorable! what a kick he is! and so damn cute!!!! Go boarders! So sad for Lindsey Jacobellis - too bad girls just can't have fun AND win gold! Shaun White never disappoints and he must have pulled it out big time for this event, though I actually haven't watched this yet either... Big kudos to Alexandre Bilodeau - for the love of a brother - such compassion and determination, and MAN can he fly! Can't wait to watch the ariels competitions. Alpine - only a few of my good friends know how much I love to ski, and even fewer know that I raced on the amateur circuit for several years back in the 80's when I was a quasi-ski bum - won alot of medals, mostly golds, especially important was the women's GS at Mammoth in 1990... so Alpine racing is really fun for me to watch. But I haven't seen any of it yet this week (we're recording everything - gotta work sometime!) except Bodi -whoohooo!!! that was UNREAL fast - crazy stomach-wrenching fast! Until you've skied even HALF that speed, you have no idea how BRILLIANT and TERRIFYING it feels to be on the edge of wipe-out! (I LOVE speed!) And I heard the rumor that Lindsey Vonn BRANG it!) Hope to watch that tomorrow. I just finished watching men's figure skating - wow wow wow! Evan Lysacek is amazing - what depth of character! and such grace and power. And what a beautiful man. I hope he can continue this path Friday. And I feel so sorry for Jeremy Abbott - the pressure must be so huge! And I TOTALLY think Johnny Weir got ripped off on his scores - he is superb! I love that he is willing to be himself and fully self-expressed and daring - go baby! But MAN, that young Japanese kid Takahiko Kozuka SOARED! I can't wait to see what he will do in a few years! The Japanese look strong - Friday's show will be awesome and tense! Plushenko got WAY too high marks for my taste - his arm-throwing was over the top, and he did not relate to his music - I think the Russian dominance of skating is past its peak. Pairs was pretty heart-breaking and disappointing with all the falls, but hey - you don't see ME on the ice! I love that the Chinese 4th-timers won - so awesome for them and their coach. Well, just had to share some thoughts - enjoy the Games! We need to be lifted past our apathy and search our hearts for OUR old dreams... and new ones. Peace and Light!

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