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Cami Thompson: REVIEWS

Loved the jazz festival!
Congratulations to Carson City for the world-class jazz festival held this past weekend. Many participants felt the highlight of the weekend was the Reno Jazz Orchestra performance featuring Cami Thompson. If there is a better big-band singer in America, would someone please let me know? Cami Thompson should be a major headliner whenever she performs.

Max Jackson, Reno
"Thompson was perfectly cast as Mona, and she delivers one of the finest performances I've seen since reviewing Reno theater. Not only can she belt a song with the best of them, she has a winning stage presence. In fact, she almost single-handedly salvaged the first 30 minutes of the show."
"Cami probably has more talent than any performer I know. Her voice does things I can only dream of doing! She has incredible stage charisma and timing, and she's got... THAT VOICE!" (Co-star in "Mame", Nevada Opera Company)
TONI TENILLE - Reno Gazette Journal (Jul 20, 1996)
Cami Thompson's "One Touch Of Heaven" changed the pace a bit. A lilt in this voice nevertheless carries a natural vibrato and a strong sense of soul that puts some spice into the mix that came across as peppery to me. If that seems a contradiction, well, I guess it is. The attack is perfect. The intonation is flawless. And Thompson's work in the upper registers is obviously intuitive. And there is a high final note that seals the envelope on this piece that will make you tingle with excitement and admiration. Wow! (Review of one song from a
radio show.)
Avec son timbre tres personnel, collant sur les missives musicales l'appel au de'passement, Cami Thompson chante le jazz avec chaleur, avec cette precision qui fait les professionnels.
"Cami Thompson has an elecfying quality about her, and her friendly outlook, wild sense of humor and exceptional professionalism make her powerful voice a joy to listen to."
GUY RICHARDSON - Reno Gazette Journal -1985
"... An abbreviated Rubenesque Mae West, she's sensuous, she's hilarious... she's femme fatale. What she does with her eyes and moue is delightful. What she does with a song is spine-tingling."
BECKY LEMON - Reno Gazette Journal - 1984
"From her dynamic vocals to her clever compositions to her unique arrangements, Cami's versatility and talent really shine... The world awaits Cami Thompson!"
TRACEY LAKE, Radio Host, KUNR - on air - KUNR Jazz program
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